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Problem of CrazyWWWBoard.cgi
Oneday, I got the program,CrazyWWWBoard.cgi Version 3.0.1, through
an internet site. The installation of it was done well on my linux box.
Everything looked so good after having done configuration job. Soon,
However, I had to face a serious problem of Submit(the write function).
When I pushed "Submit" button after filled all columns, it said the
warning messages as follows:
Error !!!
Value string is null on key 1.domain. Null pointer cannot be store.

What happened? Please let me know what it means and how to correct.
It would be great helpfull if you could answer me as soon as possible.

Chris Bae, in Incheon Metropolitan city
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November 29, 2001 (03:16) from
CrazyWWWBoard 98 Professional Edition II
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