The qDecoder Project

qDecoder Projects and Contributions

Please join us here if you have tools developed by utilizing qDecoder or related development tools.

qMailer – Simple Form Mail Project

qMailer is a web mail interface based on direct SMTP implementation using qDecoder. Please see project homepage for more details. Any comments are welcomed, send email to project manager, Dae-heung Park <[email protected]>.

URLexam – URL encoder & decoder

Download URLexam-1.2.exe for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000.


In the course of the Internet surfing or Web development, we sometimes need to interpret URL-encoded characters (ex: /cgi-bin/search?p=%B4%BA%BD%BA) appearing in the location window or to test them by changing the arguments. URLexam is a Web developer’s tool that converts “%B4%BA%BD%BA” into “����” and “����” into “%B4%BA%BD%BA”. Any comments are welcomed, send email to author, Seung-young Kim <[email protected]>.

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