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Q_LOG Struct Reference

Structure for file log. More…

Data Fields

char logbase [1024]
char nameformat [256]
char filename [256]
char logpath [1024]
FILE * fp
bool console
int rotateinterval
int nextrotate
bool flush

Detailed Description

Structure for file log.

Field Documentation

char Q_LOG::logbase[1024]

directory which log file is located

char Q_LOG::nameformat[256]

file naming format like qdecoder-Ymd.log

char Q_LOG::filename[256]

generated filename according to the name format

char Q_LOG::logpath[1024]

generated system path of log file


file pointer of logpath

bool Q_LOG::console

flag for console print out

int Q_LOG::rotateinterval

log file will be rotate in this interval seconds

int Q_LOG::nextrotate

next rotate universal time, seconds

bool Q_LOG::flush

flag for immediate sync

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